Association ''OZANA'' was founded in 1991. with the purpose of enhancing the quality of life for persons with disabilities and their families. ''OZANA'' is situated in Ulica grada Vukovara 239, Zagreb.
It currently provides care for up to ten preschool-aged children with developmental difficulties and for 49 young people and adults with disabilities within the Center OZANA, an organization founded by the Association in 2002. Educational work in both programs is based on the principles of Waldorf pedagogy. It's taylored to the specific needs of the beneficiaries required by their age, type and grade of disability. In an environment of joy and optimism, through carefully led and designed activities with special emphasis on caring for others and the environment, each individual is given the opportunity to develop and grow to their full potential.


To provide a support system in the local community by creating an environment and content of daily programs that will enable children with developmental difficulties and people with disabilities to develop their potential in all aspects of life including social, emotional, psychological, medical and work dimension and full integration and participation in all aspects of life in the community.
• To launch a new social service - a mobile support team for the whole family of the beneficiary and his/her parents who are elderly and/or sick and need help, thus preventing the institutionalization of both vulnerable groups - people with disabilities and the elderly.
• To find appropriate material conditions for launching care programs outside one's own family - living (housing) community for our beneficiaries who are left without adequate parental care.


Etički kodeks

Etički kodeks “Ozane”, sadrži zajednički sustav vrijednosti prema kojima se u svojem profesionalnom i javnom djelovanju trebaju ponašati svi radnici, korisnici usluga i suradnici.

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Akti Udruge i Centra OZANA


Following the wish to transfer her experience of living and working in Camphill (community with special health-pedagogical and social approach to people with disabilities), a place of her professional development, to our local surrounding, Katica Radonić begins by establishing the Society of Camphill Friends in 1991. Soon it became clear that there is much prework to be done to make this community come alive.

Thanks to the understanding of the City of Zagreb, a space of about 120 square meters has been allocated for this purpose, which is part of the space in which the Association “OZANA” still operates today. After the complete adaptation of the space, a kindergarten for preschool children with developmental difficulties began to operate. Kindergarten currently cares for up to ten children. Soon afterwards, workshops for young people and adults with disabilities were founded.

Due to the great interest in programs and amendments to the Law on Social Welfare (according to which associations can take care of only 20 beneficiaries), in 2002 the Association established the institution OZANA – Daily Center for Rehabilitation and Work Activities, so as not to deny any of the existing beneficiaries further participation in the programs. They were joined by several interested young people with disabilities from a long waiting list and now the OZANA Center cares for 49 beneficiaries.

The association was given the name ”OZANA” after the Blessed Hozana of Kotor, who spread ecumenism and dedicated her life to helping those in need.

Katica Radonić – osnivač Društva prijatelja Camphilla


Active participation in social care and psychosocial rehabilitation of children with difficulties and persons with disabilities in order to promote, protect common health, social, humanitarian and other interests, and to fulfill the full and equal enjoyment of all human rights and to preserve dignity of persons with disabilities.

Promoting a social model towards people with disabilities in society, which puts the individual at the center of decision-making in decisions related to him, guided by the preservation of the following principles:

  • Dignity and autonomy, including freedom of choice and independence of persons with disabilities
  • Nonviolence
  • Non-discrimination
  • Deinstitutionalization
  • Full and effective participation and inclusion of children with difficulties and persons with disabilities in society, according to the principles of the community-based rehabilitation model
  • Equal opportunities for growth and development
  • Spatial accessibility
  • Respect for the ability of children with difficulties to preserve their own identity
  • Respect for differences and acceptance of disability as a part of human diversity
  • Respect for the Code of Ethics of the Association “OZANA”

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