2.12. International Day of People with Disabilities in the S. Radić dormitory – user visit to the presentation and exhibition of various educational content.

9.12. Lecture on addictions with testing for the percentage of nicotine in the body at the Youth Center of the City of Zagreb (M. Škes)

9.12.-6.1. Exhibition of handicrafts in the City Library of Gajnica

13.12. Opening of the Christmas exhibition in OZANA with a special program for users, snacks and special sales.

14.-23.12. The exhibition is open to the public in OZANA at T-com, Intis and HOB.

21.12. The Hobbit play at the Waldorf school.

22.12. Christmas event of the EGIDA Day Center – Yalta, Yalta.

23.12. Final Christmas party with dancing.

Irish dance and choir workshops are held once a week

Every week, two groups in the Little cooking school workshop – Cooking – the leaders prepare a snack with the users, which includes purchasing, reading the recipe, preparing the ingredients, cutting, peeling, cooking/baking and enjoying the food.

As part of the project “Šlamprla in the service of independence”, and in the period from May to December, held 30 practical workshops for independent living, 15 workshops for people with IT on awareness of non-verbal and verbal communication and appropriate social behavior, 8 workshops on etiquette in public places and 30 workshop for learning computer skills and how to use smartphones, two laptops were also purchased to continue practicing even after the project ends. Workshops on financial literacy for parents, managers and users were held, as well as support groups for parents and supervision for managers. As part of the “Second chance for old terry cloth and wooden objects” project, we recycled terry cloth and wooden objects and rearranged them or gave them a completely new purpose, raising awareness of the importance of sustainable development, reuse and reduction of waste generation, especially when it can be reused. The project “Strength of my family” contributed to the empowerment of all involved, easier handling of everyday challenges and acceptance of others and differently with all their advantages and disadvantages. Two supervision/support group workshops were held for parents, two for activity leaders, 4 sound therapy workshops for parents and 7 for users, and 5 preventive interactive workshops.

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