The HTV show, “Good morning, Croatia” showed a feature about our initiative “We intertwine our hands!” Alzheimer’s is a typical disease of the third age, from which 200 thousand people suffer in Croatia, and it is also called the disease of restless hands.

We present a woolen hand aid that has proven to be good for patients
from Alzheimer’s disease – sensory gloves. We filmed video materials to show work with ceramics, knitting and presented the technique of Irish dance as part of the project “Strengthening the capacity of the Sun Center for the local community – Sun among us”, in which “OZANA-Day Center for Rehabilitation and Work Activities” is a partner of the Center for education and counseling Sunce co-financed as part of the program Strengthening the capacity of CSOs to respond to the needs of the local community (UP.

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Presentation of therapeutic knitting and the action “Let’s Interweave Hands” at the conference: ACTIVE AGING – MODERN INTERVENTIONS TO DELAY DEMENTIA
Visit to the music and stage event “Land of my dreams” in Lisinski We were a guest on the show Hodalica on Radio Student 100.5MHz
Our gardening group is also active: before the rain, we harvested kale and onions from our plots, and on the days when it rained relentlessly, we sowed lettuce, garlic, parsley and red onions) 🙂 We started physical education once a week, led by the physical education teacher Mrs. .

Matušan In the Kuheraj workshop, we were diligent, we prepared home-made noodles, pancakes, kale with eggs. To the students of the Study Center for Social Work, we presented the programs and activities of OZANA as an introduction to planning field practice. We visited INTIS production, got to know the employees and their work. Users had the opportunity to try out individual electronic devices and how they work. It was very interesting and educational for everyone. In Štrikeraj, we had a shoot about gloves and an action for the show “At our home”