OZANAPreschool program

Preschool program for children with developmental difficulties

With basic care and nursing in a warm motivating atmosphere, by rhythmically alternating daily, weekly and annual content, we create a sense of security, which is the primary need of every child.

By participating in individual and group activities, children acquire new skills, develop motor skills, speech, self-care, socialization, and acquire new knowledge. Through the activities of painting, drawing, modeling, making music, telling stories and plays, we encourage their artistic expression.

The activities follow the changing of the seasons, and all didactic tools are made of natural materials.

Spending time outside, visiting the Zoo and Botanical Garden, visiting museums, going to theater performances, which is all an integral part of our program, allows children to learn through their own experience.

Birthday celebrations and festivities are also an important part of our program.

Such therapeutic work seeks to achieve the best possible foundation for their psychosocial development and to enable them for integrative processes in kindergartens and schools.

Cooperation with parents is a precondition for quality and successful progress of each individual child and demands mutual respect and mutual satisfaction.

Thank you very much to the Children’s Home Zagreb for the thanksgiving card.

Also, the whole OZANA thanks for the nice cooperation.

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